Transition Time at Radio Monterey

Since taking over Radio Monterey the one constant I’ve faced, just like in life, is change. From the original radio show hosts, to the online only hosts, to the building, shifting infrastructure we have made Radio Monterey a player in the broadcast market.

We are shifting again, looking for show hosts who want to share their opinion/thoughts for a full show broadcast, or segment hosts who want to only share for a smaller segment of time.

Truthfully, being a show host requires effort. There are those who thought they could just show up and do the show.  But, without prior experience, showing up and speaking coherently for 54 minutes is not as easy as it seems. Fortunately we provide training, encouragement and follow-up. Also, being a segment host allows hosts to really get a rhythm and sense of their scripting and timing.

With the host shifts and transitions occurring there are opportunities available now at Radio Monterey for hosts and segment hosts. Don’t think it over, take that nervousness in your belly and use it to call Solarzar, 831-384-6135 to set up an appointment to be a host or segment host on Radio Monterey.

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