Who is to blame?

Jason Apollo Voss, known as the Intuitive Investor; Content Director, at CFA Institute; CEO at Asoapovo Productions Inc. offered these insights this morning:

“I believe in compassion before honesty, and my earlier post was the compassion bit. Now a bit of an attempt to increase the honesty…and I fully acknowledge that both political parties SPIN. But particularly poisonous thoughts I would like to challenge before we move on to the next media-obsession, whatever that may be:”

  1. “For the die-hard Trump supporters (recognizing that many of his voters were just anti-Clinton): what is your opinion of the election system being rigged now? Clearly the system is not rigged against a candidate or a party, and I would like for you to acknowledge that publicly. Unless we disavow this bit of bullshit we cannot increase trust in our national institutions.”
  2. “Many people have said that there was an Obama conspiracy to get Clinton elected, and many people – Trump supporters and Clinton supporters – are going to point to the Comey FBI investigation of Clinton’s e-mails as something that hurt Clinton. Obama appointed Comey. Not only that, but he could have censured Comey, and he has not. So if you believe in an Obama conspiracy, then I ask you to reconcile this fact with your strongly held belief.”
  3. “For the die-hard Clinton supporters, the same electorate that put Trump in office also elected the first Latina and African American women to the Senate, as well as legalized marijuana in four more states, increased the number of more liberal folks in both houses of Congress, and increased the minimum wage in lots of locations. You need to acknowledge this, otherwise you are also adding poison into a well from which you must drink someday.”
  4. “For the die hard Clinton supporters, both Clinton and Trump are the least liked two final candidates recorded in U.S. election history. With those disliking Trump being slightly higher, and that is reflected in the fact that Clinton won the popular vote. My point is that, you need to wrap your arms around the fact that a Trump vote might very well have been a “not Hillary” vote. It behooves you to ask why she was so unpopular. It is tempting to say that every vote against her was anti-Woman. But to blanket label it like this is guaranteed to miss some important information if you hope to win the presidency in the future.”

“For the record, I voted for Hillary Clinton, and proudly did so, and for lots of reasons. I am happy to share those, too. But at the core of my being my values, which include compassion, self-responsibility, and honesty, transcend country, and political party. I am also nervous about a Trump presidency because I believe he is extraordinarily volatile, and I also believe he does not share the three values I just named.”

Solarzar here: Jason offers wise insights which are important. They also counter the small minded, counter-productive opinions of the sour grape progressives. As they continue to finger point that it’s because Bernie wasn’t the candidate; or it’s because people promoted and supported Hillary; or it’s because the Moon was in the seventh house; regardless, they are all missing one point – look in the mirror. How did you create this outcome?

Was it your choice of Jill Stein because Bernie wasn’t the candidate? Did you take it for granted a disaffected electorate would not elect Donald Trump? Did you believe your high-minded dislike of Hillary was the best choice for the country? Did you really research the issues or did you just look for information that supported your bias, you belief, or your own bigotry?

The only thing worse than a Republican Hillary-hater is a Progressive Hillary-hater.

The next time you point a finger know that three are pointing back toward you. Take responsibility. Now start working for change but don’t expect everything you want, start building consensus; start collaborating with others; stop finding fault to oppose and start finding issues to support, and that includes people.

This is a sad time in the U.S. but everyone has to look in a mirror to find out who is responsible.

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