Truth is Truth – Not Opinion

I’m frustrated and tired of so much discussion based on people’s opinions that are only based on opinions.

In over 40 years working within the Federal Government, both in uniform on assignment to the Department of Defense and as a civilian contractor I have heard many, many, many people declare what they thought should and could be done. As a person who actually helped write, coordinate and implement policy I have an inside perspective on who things get done – not how I think they get done – not how Joe the bartender thinks they get done – but how they get done.

In my time on radio I no longer honor people who insist it must be their way when they do not know what they are talking about. For me this is specific to the Office of the Inspector General report about emails in the State Department.

In 40 years I cannot count the number of IG reports that I was interviewed for; assisted in coordinating with the IG’s request for information; or prepared a formal, coordinated agency response.  As a Legal Officer, Personnel Officer and Classified Material Control Officer I have been responsible for ensuring records retention and release on three continents.  In addition, during 30 of those years I have been responsible for large system development; inter-agency access; local area and wide area network development; as well as the development, coordination and publication of DoD policy and directives in specific business areas.

When I was laid off three years ago, the stated reason was bogus, the real reason is I spoke truth to power and it pissed them off. I engaged the DoD lawyers, they acknowledged I was right and the agency decided to resolve the situation by getting rid of me.

My point is simple – this is an area in which I have more than an opinion, I have direct experience, and am considered a subject matter expert in several of these areas.

As I stated on the Hal Ginsberg Morning Show the report states the agencies responsible for overseeing compliance are satisfied with the follow-on corrective actions and that the requirements of the Federal Records Management Act have been met. Was their culpability in not meeting the requirements sooner – there was. Is there criminal action evident – there is nothing in the report that would indicate potential criminal action. However, there is an ongoing FBI investigation which may find information or evidence not in the OIG report. The OIG report is not intended to be, and is not considered a criminal investigation. The FBI investigation is focused on any criminal wrongdoing in handling classified information using her personal server.

Whether you like her or not, whether you think she could have done more or not, the report is a fact. The FBI investigation is not resolved so there is only speculation; my personal knowledge that the DoD often avoided systems interchange with the Department of State due to known flawed systems administration and security is not my opinion – it is a fact. A fact that existed long before Secretary Clinton become Secretary of State.

I’m tired of ignorance in the guise of insight, and needing to argue just to argue.  If you want to hate Hillary Clinton, then hate her. But if you want to manufacture reasons for your hate without understanding facts, or using facts then become a Republican since a fact never stopped them from loudly proclaiming their nonsense.

Too many Progressives, or faux Progressive are just a different shade of Donald Trump. The louder they say it the more it must be so.

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