The Ever Shifting Schedule

We are making changes to the show schedule.  The work to keep the schedule current and fresh resulted in a change of scheduling for many shows.  Most notable to me is the change of Good Vibrations Radio(r) to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from Noon to 1 PM. The show will replay from 5-6 PM on those days. The Thursday show will still be live from 5-6 PM.

We’ve also shifted Spirited Radio with Julie King to 9 am Wednesday right after the Morning Show with Hal Ginsberg. There have been other shifts with Free Thought Radio and Organic Conversation.

Melvin Williams with Earl Morning Gospel Train and Holy Hip Hop on the Block has discontinued doing his shows with Radio Monterey. We are sorry to see him go; however, that has left a large void of programming hours to fill. So shifts just keep on coming.

We are pleased that Angie Coiro is back with us on Saturdays and Sundays. And Richard Kostkas’s new show is adding new dimensions to the issues of the day.

Thank you for listening to Radio Monterey and your continued support, remember to support our sponsors and our hosts.

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