The End of an Era

Today marked a major milestone in the operation of Radio Monterey. Over 11 years ago Hal Ginsberg founded and began operation of AM 540 KRXA.

There were many shifts and changes with people; hosts and shows. Through it all Hal remained steadfast in his desire to keep progressive voices on air.

During the last five years of his time Hal spent his time being bicoastal spending time on both coasts as he kept AM 540 KRXA alive.

In 2013, after tiring of his air miles, Hal negotiated the sale of the broadcast license to the Spanish Ministeries. The sale took time and finally in May 2014 AM 540 KRXA came off the air waves and the internet station Radio Monterey was born.

The initial start was rocky with potential operators and owners of Radio Monterey backing out. Finally on June 24 of that year I purchased Radio Monterey from Hal. He remained on air with his Morning Show, a favorite of many KRXA and Radio Monterey listeners.

Today Hal completed his last show. He may be back in the future, but he will certainly be off for the next three weeks.

An era has come to a close. Starting Monday, June 20 the Hal Ginsberg Morning Show will be replaced by the Stephanie Miller Show.  It may be long term, it may be short term.

However, the legacy of AM 540 KRXA and Radio Monterey is the legacy of Hal Ginsberg and his passion to bring Progressive Talk to the air waves. Good luck Hal in your endeavors in the next three weeks, and for what ever lies ahead.

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