Radio Monterey Confronts Propaganda

Last night I was engaged in a conversation with someone who asked where I got my facts. I told him I listened to Radio Monterey with hosts Hal Ginsberg, Thom Hartman, Bill Press, David Packman. His response was he needed to listen to hear what propaganda I was being fed.

To me that response was startling. There is so much propaganda available through the media and Internet.  Anyone can find information that feeds their pre-determined worldview, but I take umbrage that Radio Monterey provides propaganda.  We are the opposite.

Roger Ailes and Fox News are propaganda. If it comes out of the mouth of a Republican politician, it is propaganda.  If you hear it on Radio Monterey you are hearing truth based on facts, and the facts are not manufactured to prove a point.

I encourage everyone to listen to what is offered through Radio Monterey. Be informed. Don’t let the trolls win the argument because you don’t have the facts.

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