Presidential Politics

After Sunday night’s debate, or town hall, or debacle, I can no longer remain silent.

Any reasoned, intelligent human being that spent any time justifying, supporting or defending Donald Trump through the Republican primaries, the nomination and the Presidential race has to ask themselves why they allowed their need for partisan politics to allow them to support a person of such low character, intellect and integrity.

Nothing in Donald Trump’s campaign is new or revelatory.  Only the compressed repetition of his ignorance, bigotry and misogyny is new.

He is no different than he was in the Republican debates.  He is no different than he has been in his business career. He created a brand that led people to believe he is everything he isn’t.  He isn’t a successful businessman. He isn’t a person of vision. He isn’t a person of integrity. He isn’t as wealthy as he claims. He isn’t a tough negotiator. He is a con man. He is an opportunist. He has flexible morals, ethics and integrity based on what best serves him. He uses threatened litigation, actual litigation and non-responsiveness to avoid paying obligations and to get what he wants – not that he wants what is best.

The characteristics and behavior have always been in evidence. His brand can now be exposed for what it is – gold plated tin.

The people who supported him, and those who continue to support him owe themselves the truth about why they support him. It is a reflection on the character of everyone who supported or supports him.

In our lives we have to look inside to find the truth of why we did what we did. His past and current supporters have to face the failed intellect, false reasoning they used to convince themselves that a man who offered no policy, who only kept saying he was the best, could do it best and would fix everything was the person they wanted to align themselves with.

Donald Trump is stain on the Republican Party and the U.S. Political Process. He will be out of the race soon, unfortunately his past and current supporters will not. Ignorance is not a virtue, it’s a sign of laziness and dogmatic certainty that is not influenced by facts.

There is no equivalency between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We are not seeing a race of two “damaged” people. We are seeing a race of a disturbingly, damaged person and a person who the Republicans have spent years creating false narratives and myths for the purpose of destroying her credibility and ability.

I am embarrassed to be an American. I am ashamed of the political process obstructed by the Republicans. I am disgusted with the idea that just because someone says something is True doesn’t make it true. The Republicans, Fox News, and Donald Trump are all traitors to the United States. They deserve to have private, solitary rooms in a rendition prison. And their supporters deserve adjoining rooms.

I look forward to a society that calls bullshit bullshit and does not allow people to make claims just because they would like it to be true to fit their non-reality based narrative jiggling loosely in their head.

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