New Radio Monterey is Open for Business

We can declare success! Since taking over ownership of Radio Monterey in June I have had a journey of replace, repair and rebuild.

As a former broadcast radio station, Radio Monterey, was not set up to be an Internet Radio Station.  There were equipment, bandwidth and programming issues that surfaced in layers.

It was also important to find hosts and programming that would support the direction of Radio Monterey and not just fill the air waves.

Through a combination of luck, tenacity and elbow grease Radio Monterey is open for business with its new revised programming.  For some stalwarts of the former KRXA the new lineup may not be satisfying; however, new Radio Monterey is offering an information and empowerment lineup that cannot be found in combination anywhere else.

January 2015 is the official launch of the new age of Radio Monterey.

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