Moon Enters Taurus – Time to Take Stock

The Moon entered Taurus today as it continues its journey toward our Taurus New Moon on Sunday night 9:13 pm [PST]. It’s still in a waning crescent so it has reached it’s full peak of Taurus energy that the New Moon will bring.

But it does give us the energy to slow down and take stock.  If you’ve been running, rushing and feeling somewhat overwhelmed, tonight put your feet up. Breathe three slow deep breaths. Soak your feet, take a warm bath, read a book, watch an old movie, listen to your favorite music, pet your cat, walk your dog. Just take down time.

May is the month of Creativity. It is time to release and let go. It is time to do something different, something new, something old that you’ve put on the shelf and no longer do. It is time.

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