I’m Tired of the Haters

As we prepare for the Republican Majority to shove the Trump nominees down our throat as they implement their bloodless coup of the U.S. democratic republic I am tired of the haters.

There are three camps of haters – the Republicans who lie almost every time they open their mouths; those who voted for Trump and need to justify their election of the most mentally unstable and least qualified candidate in the history of the United States; and the damned progressives who need to justify their Hillary hatred so that they might as well be Fox-watching conservatives.

The first two I can dismiss from my life because they are the worst types of trolls. They are identifiable and can be shredded with facts and the patient persistence to keep the discussion on point.

But the last one is a problem. This group has trouble seeing the big picture because their self-righteous noses are stuck in the particular brand of manure they believe is the most defining and important element.

Life is not black and white. Life is grey. Government is about working for the common good by making deals and compromises with your opponents.  Elected officials have to deliver value to their constituents.

Before Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House compromise was not a bad word, it was how government functioned.  Mitch McConnel raised lack of compromise to a level of obstruction unseen in the history of the United States. His Republican led obstruction bordered on treason. Their only mantra was to deny President Obama. Deny him a second term. Deny him a legacy. Doing what was best for the country or for their constituents was not a factor, only convincing their constituents that President Obama was evil and the reason for their pain. They lied as blatantly as a little child that says a man climbed in the window and broke the vase. In the real world it is just sedition.

But those damned Progressives with their noses in their self-righteous issues are as responsible for why we have a Trump as any other factor. You see, many of them just want the election of Trump to be Hillary’s fault for being a bad candidate. That’s bullshit, she got 2.9 million more votes that Trump.  She was defeated by multiple factors, not because she was a poor candidate.

First, she was defeated by poor strategy (no question about that). A big part of her strategy was talking about how Trump was unqualified – bad choice – it kept the focus on Trump and fed into his self-aggrandizing, self-bloated claims that she was an insider elite and he would fight for the common man (the same people by the way that he has bankrupted and cheated in the past).

The Russian hacking and release through WikiLeaks WAS a factor – dismissing it is just ignoring facts and reality. The biggest problem with the hacking and leaks was the random and inconsistent report of information released coupled with the false media stories which were part of the Russian disinformation campaign against Hillary.  Just three weeks ago someone literally told me they had read the WikiLeaks emails which identified the satanic pedophile ring led by Hillary and John Podesta. Sorry, put your aluminum foil back on your head, the hacked and leaked emails said nothing of that sort. That was a direct Russian disinformation story, many of which populated Facebook and Twitter.

And the Comey FBI faux pas WAS a factor, it has been shown that many undecideds shifted to Trump following the news leak of the Comey letter in October. This was the biggest agency interference in a National Election since the establishment of the Justice Department rule to NOT release any information that could interfere with a National Election within 60 days of the election.

Actually, Comey’s actions starting with his press conference in July, followed by his testimony to Congress, right up to his final announcement in October are examples of incompetence in following longstanding FBI and Justice Department procedures that are intended to prevent unnecessary damage and influence. In addition, I know there was a direct intention within certain segments of the U.S. intelligence elements to disparage Hillary. Sedition was rampant.

The problem was potential voters were tired of hearing Hillary Clinton and emails. From the original report which discussed 127 questionable emails I’ve even seen stories that she had 2900 emails, many Top Secret. All of this is the inflated false news cycles because people do not actually research and read. Plus our corporate media is more interested in ratings than news.

And the last factor, often overlooked by those chest pumping, self-righteous Progressives, is the InterState Crosscheck system used by many of the Republican led states. Actually, it was used by Alaska; Arkansas; Arizona; Colorado; Georgia; Idaho; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Kentucky; Louisiana; Massachusetts; Minnesota; Mississippi; Missouri; Nebraska; Nevada; North Carolina; Ohio; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; South Carolina; South Dakota; Tennessee; Virginia; and West Virginia. What is the InterState Crosscheck system? It’s a system that says two people in different states might be the same person. However, it does not account for gender, or variances in the middle name/initial or the date of birth.  Here are some facts:

Crosscheck in action:  
Trump victory margin in Michigan:                    13,107
Michigan Crosscheck purge list:                       449,922

Trump victory margin in Arizona:                       85,257
Arizona Crosscheck purge list:                           270,824

Trump victory margin in North Carolina:        177,008
North Carolina Crosscheck purge list:              589,393*

Hillary didn’t lose. She was defeated, but it took Russia, WikiLeaks, disinformation, the Director of the FBI, four years of Republican propaganda, Interstate Crosscheck,  and a bad campaign strategy. The most honest candidate running from all the candidates (she had the highest rating for speaking the truth, even higher than Bernie), lost to the least truthful candidate running, the candidate who in fact is crooked, dishonest and lies.

So Progressives stop bashing Hillary and start getting involved with the REAL problem – Trump and the Republicans. If you continue to blame Obama and Hillary and Debbie Wasserman-Schulz then you are allowing the REAL problem to take away your freedoms and rights as you point your fingers at the Democrats.

We are quickly becoming a fascist state ruled by an oligarch. Cut the crap and get on point.



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