I Am Sad, But Not the Way They Are!

I’m sad. The following post was on my Facebook page:

 I am very sad today. America has a big black eye on this July 5th. I know Elliot Ness is more legend than fact, but what we really need is an FBI director who is untouchable. At this point, the right thing to do is for him to resign for not upholding the office he was sworn into. How can anyone state that crimes of the highest degree against our country have been committed by a person running for the highest office in the Nation and yet they plan to do nothing about it? This isn’t about if I favor Hillary, it is about corruption at the highest levels of our government. At this stage does anyone think that we stand a chance of having an honest election?

RESPONSE 1: hell no!

RESPONSE 2:There is no corruption I spent the better part of the day talking to people that claim this and that nothing inappropriate has happened in this administration or this country. It is a very sad day .

RESPONSE 3: To Response 2…you need to absolve yourself of stupid people.
RESPONSE 4:Am afraid not ORIGINAL POST – the deck is stacked!
      ORIGINAL POST:I’m ashamed, I lied to children. I spent last week telling
      children how great America is… it is not.
      RESPONSE 3:I f a rat crawls into a great bakery…remove the rat…still a great  
      bakery waiting for a cleaning.
RESPONSE 4:Love my Country, but the government is beginning to become shamefully corrupt! A government of the people, by the people and for the people is becoming a myth.
      RESPONSE 3:Became…but ready for shock treatment…
RESPONSE 5:well said
      RESPONSE 6I want to move to another country
                     RESPONSE 3:Leave a number…we’ll call
when we straighten this crap out.

I, too am sad. I am sad for the level of pre-determined ignorance these posts demonstrate. Clearly, without exploring the evidence, without knowing the rules, or the law, these geniuses have taken the Nancy Grace approach of declaring a crime. I am sorry and would appreciate if people with this type of attitude left the country that I love for its diversity. I’m willing for them to disagree, I’m not comfortable with their declaration that the FBI director needs to resign.

He was very clear and specific in his news conference.  As Dunninger said, “For those who believe no proof is necessary, for those who don’t no proof is possible.”

In 21 years in the Marine Crops I had responsibility for the highest levels of classified information: managing, storing, sharing and investigating breaches, as well as 12 years as a Legal Officer investigating criminal and civil infractions, I can not and could not declare that Hillary Clinton had violated anything without a full and thorough investigation of all her emails. That is exactly what the FBI spent the last year doing.

The FBI examined all 30,000 emails released by Hillary Clinton. In addition, since they took control of her personal email server they restored any deleted emails recoverable from the server. They also examined the precedent of previous cases where classified information has been mishandled.

At the end of the day the FBI Director did not find sufficient grounds for criminal proceedings.  While I did anticipate this could be outcome, if it had been referred for prosecution I would have stated the same facts. The FBI examined all the evidence and spoke with all the parties. They have access to all the pertinent information needed to determine if there was a criminal act committed. They’ve decided there isn’t.

Now I can only hope all the people who, without factual information, are able to determine the FBI is wrong will either wake up tomorrow with understanding and wisdom, or they will in fact leave the country. What makes me was is them believing they know what is needed to fix the country.

As Glenn Sadowsky shared, “When you are dead, you won’t know you’re dead…it’s a pain felt by others.  Same thing when you are stupid.”

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