Hypocrisy Rules

In the last year I have listened to the splintering of the American electorate with lines drawn based on which hypocrisy you prefer.

There are those who are still sucking on sour grapes over Bernie Sanders not winning the Democratic Nomination.  On the obverse were the Republican apparatchiks who were determined to get in line behind Donald Trump so they sold their principles and beliefs in favor of the candidate who enthused their radical right wing-nut base.

Both groups disgust me because they are selling their principles in different ways just to make a hollow point.  The hollow point is this: if every anal left wing liberal who still believes only someone who stands for everything they believe should be the candidate then they don’t live in reality.  Their failure to vote for Hillary Clinton is still a vote for Donald Trump.

The Republicans who said they are the ones who want the best for this country  but then stood behind this ignorant, racist, misogynistic, hate mongering bully have proven they stand for nothing. I don’t have to agree with what they stand for, but they certainly have shown they stand for nothing.

What led me to this particular post was seeing someone post on Facebook that everyone who didn’t vote for Bernie Sanders in the primaries owes everyone an apology. That is a emotional, bigoted, bully statement that is coming from someone who has spent a great deal of time bashing Hillary Clinton for years.  I think he owes everyone an apology for his ignorant positions where he only seeks information to support his dislike of Clinton and wants everyone to believe that is reasoned analysis.

I am not a Hillary Clinton supporter. And while I have some disappointments about President Obama, he has been exceptional as President against the greatest, entrenched Congressional obstruction in modern times. Hillary Clinton is highly qualified to be President, even if I don’t support all her positions or ideals.

The people who have no idea how things work in government will continue to espouse their ‘uninformed’ opinion of what is wrong, how to fix it and how they know best.  But what they also have to do in their ignorance is get over their disappointment and move on for where we are in the present.  In the present, if we do not vote for Hillary we are giving a vote to Donald Trump.

I hope these people are prepared to apologize if the unthinkable happens.

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