Wild Ride with Dallas Hageman


Wild Ride Radio is a motorcycle show designed specifically for Bikers, and those with a love of two wheels. Through all the years of adding up miles under our wheels we’ve realized something: Bikers like to do a certain thing more than ride… and that’s talk about riding.

This is a show that understands the need for connection, community and a Brotherhood and Sisterhood unparalleled in the life of the caged. We look for ways to break free from the mold, to make our own path and buck traditionalism, to say to conventionalism “we’re done” and throw our leg over the saddle. Any day with our knees in the breeze, is a good day. We know that you live to ride, and work, to pay for gas.

Dallas Hageman is a guy who lives to ride, literally. He started riding years ago when he could barely walk and the draw of a V-Twin paired with a good stretch of asphalt has stuck with him his whole life. He’s racked up well over 200,000 miles behind bars and visited nearly every state in the Union, on two wheels.

When Dallas isn’t in the saddle he’s either ankle deep in grease, tearing apart a V-Twin, mingling within the Biker community, or behind the mic yacking about bikes. Dallas is a proud participant of the Patriot Guard and Run for the Wall, a motorcycle journey across the United States that honors and supports POWs and MIAs.

Even though Wild Ride Radio has exploded in numbers, is syndicated, reaching six countries, numerous states and is part of the GLN Radio Networks. , Dallas remains true to his roots. Join him and the countless thousands of others that enjoy talking shop about bikes. If you love your ride like it’s one of the family, you are definitely in good company.

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