The Richard Fowler Show


Imagine a no-spin, upbeat Progressive YouTube & radio show where the voices of everyday people are heard loud and clear.

The Richard Fowler Show has arrived! Richard Fowler is a fresh Progressive voice with a unique perspective on policy, politics, and the American people.

Behind-the-scenes from behind-the-mic, The Richard Fowler Show gives listeners a daily dose of what is happening in our nation’s capital. Richard believes it is time for the people to take their voice back and he is here to help! The show will inform, empower, and help you get your voice back!

News By The Numbers: No talking points, no talking heads, no smoking guns, just the raw numbers. News By The Numbers tells today’s headlines by the numbers that define our politics.

Political Maniacs: Richard and producer Rich expose the bizarre acts of those who we trust to run our government. Political Maniacs consist of four nominees and allows listeners to vote for Maniac of the Week via the show’s Twitter @FowlerShow.

The Policy Breakdown:  Richard breaks down the latest wonky policy stories in a way that is simple, easy to digest, and allows YOU to get involved!

The Interview: Richard sits down with thought leaders, policymakers, and change agents; with a focus on informing and empowering his listeners to seek the truth.

The Brawl: Richard takes on a new conservative in a five minute, rapid-fire debate on current issues.

The Richard Fowler Moment: Weekly motivation and empowerment from Richard at the end of each week’s show. Richard provides a dose of inspiration for everyday life!


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