The Karel Show


Charles “Karel” Bouley isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind. Among his many ventures, Karel is an entertainer, doing sold out live stage shows (Karel Stands Up), television, film and, most notably, a radio talk show seven days a week.

As an author, he has published two books, “You Can’t Say That” and his most recent “Shouting at Windmills, BS From Bush to Obama.” He maintains a high profile column at the Huffington Post and has been an entertainment reporter, film and music critic for powerhouses like Billboard Magazine and The Advocate. His daily radio show is broadcast in six markets, and his weekends round out at KGO. His website, is a depository of well traveled exclusive content.

Karel made history with his late partner Andrew Howard, when the pair became the first openly gay male couple to host a major market talk show on KFI AM 640 Los Angeles. Upon Andrew’s death in 2001, Karel successfully advocated to change California State law so he could pursue a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of his partner. He also produced, directed and wrote a powerful public service announcement about marriage equality that won second place in GLAAD’s “I Do” contest, and aired at OutFest and on national television.

Karel broadcasts from his home studio in Long Beach, where he lives with his dogs and cat. He provides daily shows Monday through Friday to Radio Monterey which are broadcast at 9 PM [PST]. Outrageous, outspoken and always on point.

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