New Radio Monterey

Hello to all who read this. I am Solarzar, the owner/operator of Radio Monterey. Radio Monterey was built on the framework of what was formerly AM 540 KRXA, a Progressive Radio Station.

After nine years of working on AM 540 KRXA, and over five years of shuttling back and forth between the East coast and West coast so he could be with his family, Hal sold the KRXA broadcast license. At the same time Hal wanted to keep the Progressive Voice alive through an Internet station. Unfortunately that was not turning out successful. At the eleventh hour when it appeared he would be locking the doors permanently Hal called me, we spoke, and I decided to take a shot at making Radio Monterey viable.

Since June 2014 there has been some discussion with previous KRXA listeners who have wanted to know what is happening. I’ve been on air with Hal several times.  On my own show, Good Vibrations Radio, I’ve talked about the direction of Radio Monterey.  But, now is the time to reinforce it for all the visitors to this site.

The world is a dangerous place. The politics in the United States are certainly the most polarized in my lifetime. For me the Republican Party poses the greatest threat to democracy in the U.S., and the corporatists in the Supreme Court have directly given corporations full ownership of our country through the Citizens United decision.

At the same time this is a beautiful world. Radio Monterey is dedicated to offering shows that provide the listeners with information they can use to improve their lives, not just hear a constant barrage of what is wrong with government. I will maintain a base of Progressive shows through the day, but more and more I’m filling the schedule with shows that help you keep our soul when so many are trying to destroy your body. We will talk about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs); organic foods; health; natural living; spirituality; metaphysics; self-help; self-healing; and more to put each of us in control of the choices in our lives.

In this world of corporate lies, disingenuous politicians, and sheer greed we can still win in the domain of our life. By winning in the domain of our life, by creating connections with others based on our heart and soul we end up winning against these forces of fraud. Radio Monterey is dedicated to providing our listeners the options to live better no matter what external forces attempt.

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