Cha – Cha – Cha – Changes

Thank your for your patience. The new web site for Radio Monterey will be deployed soon after six months of effort.

Also, we have our own App which you can get at the iTunes or Google App Stores. Just search for Radio Monterey.

We will add the links to our new web site after we get it deployed.

For the last month I’ve been lax on keeping the schedule current as we’ve sought out new segment hosts for and full time hosts.

Starting in February we have Channeling the Masters with Michele Newmann. Also, Richard Kostkas will be back with political talk and a variety of co-hosts to keep the conversation fresh.

Good Vibrations Radio ™ is going from Saturday evening to Monday through Friday.  We will have a series of segment hosts with different experience and background so each segment will have a different tip, tool or technique to bring to you.

The last seven months have required a significant effort that was not expected, taking time, energy and money away from other initiatives.  But I believe we have a service that is ready to be what it said it was, an Internet Broadcast Station. As chief cook and bottle washer I’m excited to see some efforts resolved, and naturally there are others just starting.

For those who have taken the journey Thank You, for those who continue, Thank You again.

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