Broadcast Audio

The broadcast audio has seemed more balanced since we boosted the kbps.  Since I don’t listen 100% of the time I appreciate when listeners let me know about the time when the audio may not broadcast well.

Interestingly I received an “Anonymous” email, with an “” as the email address. So this person went out of their way to create an Anonymous email address.  The email said: “Audio @ 128kbs stereo, sucking bandwidth. Usually too low @ 32kbps mono, so listen to PV instead.”

As I said I appreciate listener comments, but I don’t honor cowards. At the time the email was prepared Radio Monterey was playing a 128 kbps recorded show.  When I listened, it sounded fine.

If any genuine listeners hear audio issues please pass them along. I’m always working with my technical team to improve the listening experience.

In this case I don’t know what the issue could have been.

All reports of issues are investigated, and everyone receives a response.

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