Are You Open to the Truth

In today’s politically charged environment it seems everyone is scrambling for their version of the story. I used the word story to separate it from the truth.

Truth is neutral. Truth is based on facts, opinions are driven from the facts, from the truth.  In this past week, former FBI Director, Jim Comey testified in open session before the Senate Intelligence Committee, followed by a closed session.

The testimony is a factual issue. His words are the words he said. What is meant is simply what he said. Immediately the Republicans jumped on the point that Comey told Trump he was not the subject of the investigation. This may be so, but it is not the point.

The opening two minutes of his testimony Comey specifically stated that Russia interfered in the election. Russia attempted to influence the election in favor of Trump. Is that Trump’s fault. At this point we don’t know. But it does not matter in the scope of the investigation at this point.

The U.S. democratic process was attacked by Russia. They used a variety of means including the hacking and theft of personal emails of John Podesta, the theft of the DNC emails, the email release to WikiLeaks, the attempts to alter the voting software, and the massive use of fake news stories and bots to proliferate the stories across the Internet. All of this is factual. All of this is real. All of this fact.

Whether they changed a single vote is not an ameliorating factor. Their campaign did influence the election. That is fact. That is truth. To this day people cite the fake news articles that were proliferated as if they are true, so we know the campaign influenced people.

Was there a connection between the Trump campaign and Russia. At this point, from what has been revealed to the public, the answer is yes. That is fact. That is truth.

Did Donald Trump directly participate in any actions to influence the election. At this point, from what has been revealed to the public, the answer is we don’t know. That is fact. That is truth.

We also know Donald Trump encouraged the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton to find the “missing” 30 thousand emails.

We know that Donald Trump continues to minimize the Russian interference.  While we don’t actually know if that is because he is aware or participated in the interference. I believe his attempt to minimize the interference is because he doesn’t want his election as President to be questioned. He believes he is a populist. He believes he knows best. He wants the power and prestige of being President.

So what is the truth?

The truth is we had interference. The truth is Trump attempted to influence the Director of the FBI to stop the investigation. The truth is we have to see how far the coordination and influence went.

The Republicans want us to believe none of this matters. The Republicans want to impose their agenda on the American people. Trump wants to advance his business agenda at the cost of the American people. Russia wants to minimize the influence and power of the USA in the world, an agenda which is already in progress thanks to our President.

So What is Truth? Truth is we were attacked. We know who. We need to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. Any other discussion is moot and off point.

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