Are We Tired Yet?

Since November 8, 2016 the United States has gotten increasingly fractured. The election of Donald Trump has been a flash point for forming strict divisions.

In 2016 we had an election cycle led by a conman, with a history of lying, misleading, misrepresenting and failing to pay subcontractors and workers who gained traction because he was declared a “Washington outsider” who was a “straight shooter”.

Outsider, yes. Straight shooter – never a day in his life. We have a population who have been led to believe that Democrats are harmful to their life and their health so any vote for a non-Democrat is a vote to keep your hard won freedoms in place.

For instance freedoms to demand equal rights for whites who have never lost rights. Equal rights to deny service to people because of your religious beliefs, even though that is freedom of religion that is the equivalent of Sharia law and denies rights to others. The freedom to freely buy and sell guns of all types without accountability even though our nation is rife with massive gun violence due to unfettered access to firearms to everyone except a convicted felon who tries to legitimately buy a gun. The freedom to deny the legal access to an abortion chosen by a woman, even though denying it is another example of Christian Sharia law imposed in America.

Other freedoms we needed to prevent being encroached was for the 1% to pay percentages less of their fair share of taxes. By percentage I pay more than the top 1% who have substantially more resources to draw from. We also needed to deny healthcare to more people by restricting access and raising the cost to the Federal Government by 33%. We needed the freedom to eject seniors from living care facilities by reducing and eliminating their Medicaid access. We needed more freedom to pollute natural waterways with the runoff of coal mining and fracking. We needed more freedom to pollute the air by reducing corporate responsibility for the air pollution they create.

We need to create additional hatred for people of color and alternate religions so we can feel better about not being them. We needed more freedom to put constricted, incompetent judges on the bench who are willing to deny access to civil rights, woman’s rights and other rights that are the mark of a modern, informed democracy.

The biggest problem with all of this is that many people are getting tired of hearing the daily flail of the latest tweet, the latest stupid statement, the latest abuse of power, the latest incompetence, the latest deconstruction of anything of value that President Obama did, the latest diminishing of the U.S. stature in the international community, the latest galling obstruction and abdication of responsibility of the Republican Party and Leadership in Congress. Everyone is tired.

As tired as we are. As tiring as it becomes. As anxious as it makes us feel. We must be informed. We must be knowledgeable. We must stay resolute. We must remove these criminals from power. We must hold them accountable. We must not surrender the need to point out again, and again, and again the ignorance of those who elected these people, the criminality of the complicit Republican Party and the evil intent of the administration members and those who continue to support it.

As Tim Allen says in Galaxy Quest, “Never Surrender! Never Give Up!”

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