A fabricated story from a U.S. senator

Recently I’ve enjoyed watching the Amazon Original Series “Alpha House”. This is the story of an ecelectic group of Republican Senators sharing a house in Washington DC.

This humorous series, written by Garry Trudeau, starring John Goodman; Clark Johnson; Matt Molloy; Mark Conzuelo with Wanda Sykes, Cynthia Nixon, Penn Jullette and many others coming and going through the two Seasons.

This show focuses, humorously, on the hippocracy of political ethics that shift based on polls and constituent interest.  It helps create a narrative of how politicians can take a political stance strictly for a party platform, even if the position does not make sense in the real world.

The following article, http://www.sltrib.com/opinion/3940805-155/letter-a-fabricated-story-from-a, published online in the Salt Lake Tribune reflects the same variable etchics shown by humor in Alpha House, but unfortunately seems to be a reality in Congress. The full article follows, or you can read it at the link listed above.

“Letter: A fabricated story from a U.S. senator

On May 26, the Deseret News published an op-ed by Sen. Orrin Hatch: “My Meeting With Supreme Court Nominee Eric Garland.” He described meeting with Garland, and how it hadn’t changed his stance on blocking nomination hearings.

Strangely, his op-ed appeared on the newspaper’s website at midnight, at least six hours before this supposed meeting could have happened.

Perhaps it remains to be seen whether Sen. Hatch is a time traveler, or simply a mendacious liar with a seat in the Senate Judiciary Committee, but any newspaper with journalistic integrity would have noted such a laughable inconsistency.

Instead, the Deseret News quietly scrubbed the article — but not before screenshots were obtained and reported on by national news outlets. Its URL displayed, “Oops, the page you are looking for cannot be found,” until the column suddenly reappeared, with the time of publication altered from midnight to 5:10 p.m. along with an editor’s note: “A draft of this op-ed was erroneously published on DeseretNews.com prior to final revisions and edits from Sen. Hatch. We apologize to Sen. Hatch and our readers for this error.”

Conveniently left out of this half-hearted apology was any acknowledgment that the Deseret News published a fabricated story written by a sitting U.S. senator.”

by Jason Tiscione, Salt Lake City

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