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Radio Monterey stopped live broadcasts on January 1, 2017.

In this time of uncertainty we cannot drop our Progressive flag completely. While our shows will not be broadcasted, our Podcasts and commentary will be updated daily, weekly and monthly.

The podcasts I will continue to post are The BradCast with Brad Friedman; Perspectives with Ashley Berges; In Deep with Angie Coiro; Free Thought Radio; Interfaith Voices; The Karel Show; Organic Conversation; the David Pakman Show; Project Censored; and Wild Ride Radio. Use the Podcast link on the upper right to hear the latest shows from these hosts.

To continue listening to these progressive talk shows: Thom Hartman; Mike Malloy; Stephanie Miller; Bill Press; Randi Rhodes; Ring of Fire; Nicole Sanders; tune in to Progressive Voices (

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Our Recent Blog Posts

I’m Tired of the Haters   Posted on January 9, 2017 by Solarzar Dellaporta

As we prepare for the Republican Majority to shove the Trump nominees down our throat as they implement their bloodless coup of the U.S. democratic republic I am tired of the haters. There are three camps of haters – the Republicans who lie almost every time they open their mouths; those who voted for Trump and […]

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