Radio Monterey is Radio for the Open Mind. Our mission is to provide all listeners high quality empowerment information that provides entertaining, fun and thought provoking tools, tips and techniques to help the listeners live their best life now. Each month we will expand the...

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Radio Monterey is alive and well.

We continue to upgrade and expand Radio Monterey.

Our new format is more flexible for each host and segment host.  Anytime, anywhere broadcasting. For those of you who want a forum to express your views to a wider audience, contact Solarzar.

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Presidential Politics   Posted on October 10, 2016 by Solarzar Dellaporta

After Sunday night’s debate, or town hall, or debacle, I can no longer remain silent. Any reasoned, intelligent human being that spent any time justifying, supporting or defending Donald Trump through the Republican primaries, the nomination and the Presidential race has to ask themselves why they allowed their need for partisan politics to allow them […]

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